starova financial framework (SFF)

Applications are offline till 2027

Dear candidate, the hiring process will be accepted according to the best application to the last place left in our system. As you were informed, the SFF system (starova financial framework) it's limited to avoid any legal problems related to SFF or its users, the limit consists in filtering the users according to their background and use of our system. For questions, you can visit the contact page.

Feedback from our current staff:

Peter Pron
Joined since 3 years

-"cool but only if i got paid
but honestly good, i don't
see any issues at the moment"

-"working in starova gives you
so much of power like you can
even ban other staff because
you think they are monkeys
you make these monkeys fight
with each other like in arena
while you feel like a god"

Joined since 3 years

"starova is very pleasant"

"my friend eric got raided by
the IRS after one week. so
 you better make your
transfers using
starova coin in order to avoid
paying tax. stop using
those damn banks"